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How an attorney can help when SSD benefits application denied

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2022 | Social Security Disability

When you applied for Social Security disability benefits, you thought you did everything to ensure you would receive those much-needed monthly benefits. You knew that your ailment prevented you from working for at least a year and that it likely qualified you for the benefits

Still, the Social Security Administration (SSA) rejected your claim. Now, you are at a crossroads because your family depends on those funds. But there is still something working in your favor: seeking the assistance of a skilled attorney who has a thorough understanding of the Social Security system.

An advocate at the appeals hearing

Filing for SSD benefits is a complex process and so is pursuing an appeal. This represents a stressful situation no matter what. The added burden of your injury or ailment makes it more stressful.

That is why having a dependable legal advocate on your side is essential. Here is what an attorney can do for you in the SSD appeals process:

  • Review the initial claim to determine why the government denied your application. An attorney will help you address mistakes from the initial application and remedy them.
  • Tracks down additional or missing evidence that supports your claim. Such evidence may include medical records, including medical tests, testimonials from your physician and information regarding your treatments and medication. The SSA can be particular.
  • Represents you during the appeals process, which takes place in front of an administrative judge. An attorney will prepare your testimony and anticipate the questions that the judge will ask.

Remember that you are not alone in having disability benefits denied. Between 2010 and 2019, the SSA denied 67 percent of disability benefits claims filed by first-time applicants.

Guidance from a legal ally

Your health struggles translate into your inability to work for an extended period. Why cannot the government see that? Yet, it still denied your application for disability benefits. Pursue an appeal and consider collaborating with an attorney who just may make the difference.