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Holding Employers Accountable For Discrimination

The law can help when employers unlawfully discriminate because of color, race or ethnicity; age or gender; or a disability or pregnancy. But, there are many regulations and loopholes that businesses may attempt to abuse to avoid responsibility. You need knowledgeable help for cases involved in this complex area of the law. At Freid, Gallagher, Taylor, & Associates, P.C., we will explore whether you may have a case in an initial telephone consultation.

Our attorneys help workers across Michigan protect their rights with aggressive legal strategies. If you have a possible case, we will meet with you to explore your rights and protections. Michigan is an at-will state, so we have to evaluate whether there is enough evidence of the discrimination to succeed, and each case is different. Please call us now at to schedule your free consultation.

Unique Rules For Federal Employees

If you are a federal employee, you must file internally with your Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) office within 45 days. Additionally, your employer may have tried to limit your time for filing under the law even further. You need to review your handbook or other employment agreements, such as an arbitration agreement, to ensure you have a case. For all these reasons, contact us now so you don’t lose the protection you deserve. Our firm will help you determine your next steps and guide you through the process.

Do Not Wait To Get Trusted Employment Law Help

Contact our office as soon as possible because strict time limits will prevent you from protecting your rights unless you take action. You may also have to file with the EEOC or another agency to protect all your rights. Call us now at or send us an email to ensure you don’t miss any deadlines.