December 14, 2017

Debra Freid of Freid, Gallagher, Taylor & Associates, PLC, has released a statement on behalf of client, Brian Booker.  Booker is the former Police Chief of Buena Vista Township who was rejected for rehire despite being ranked #1 among candidates because he had exercised his constitutional right to bring an earlier matter to the courts.

SAGINAW, MI – Attorney Debra Freid of Freid, Gallagher, Taylor & Associates, PLC announced today that she is representing Mr. Brian Booker. Freid recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of Mr. Booker because of actions taken by the Buena Vista Township Board and several members.  The lawsuit names Buena Vista Township along with Desmond Bibbs, Alvin Jernigan, Bruce McKinney and Cheryl Payton, who were Commissioners on the Board in September when it refused to rehire Mr. Booker as Police Chief.  It is believed that the Board refused to hire Mr. Booker, who had been ranked #1 among candidates for the position, because he had earlier turned to the courts  when he was fired after he filed a police report on behalf of a citizen against the then Township Manager.

Freid stated, “ Every citizen has the right to petition our courts and to speak out on matters that concern the public without fear of governmental retribution. The goal of the lawsuit is not only to obtain justice for Mr. Booker but to bring attention to these unconstitutional acts and to prevent this type of governmental overreach from happening to anyone else.”

Mr. Booker asks that all questions be directed to his attorney.

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