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4 potential causes of semitruck crashes

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Semitruck crashes pose significant roadway risks. When it comes to the causes of semitruck crashes, one must consider various factors that contribute to these incidents, as it’s rare that a single concern causes a wreck.

Consider these four key points that can lead to semitruck wrecks when contemplating the cause(s) of a particular wreck or the most common causes of truck accidents generally.

Trucker’s actions

Trucker fatigue, distractions and occasional road rage incidents can all contribute to semitruck crashes. Long hours spent behind the wheel can lead to exhaustion, which impairs decision-making and reaction times. Additionally, distractions, such as mobile device use, can divert attention from safe driving practices. Aggressive behaviors like speeding and tailgating can escalate situations, leading to unfortunate collisions.

Improper load securement

Ensuring cargo is securely fastened is critical in preventing semitruck wrecks. When load securement is neglected, cargo can shift during transit, which causes weight distribution problems and instability. This can lead to rollovers, collisions or jackknifing incidents. Proper securement with suitable straps, chains and restraints is essential to minimize these risks.

Lax maintenance and defective parts

Maintenance and functional parts are vital to semitruck safety. Neglected maintenance and faulty parts can lead to catastrophic wrecks. Brake issues, worn tires or malfunctioning lights can compromise a truck’s safety. Regular inspections and maintenance checks are fundamental to ensure semitrucks remain in a roadworthy condition.

Trucking company policies

The policies and practices adopted by trucking companies play a substantial role in semitruck safety. Pressure to meet strict deadlines may encourage drivers to push the limits of safe driving hours, which may lead to fatigue-related wrecks. Inadequate training and supervision can result in inexperienced drivers making critical errors. Additionally, some companies may prioritize profits over safety, which can cause unsafe practices and shortcuts that increase the risk of wrecks.

Semitruck crashes can lead to significant injuries for the occupants of the vehicles that are struck. Those victims will likely need urgent medical care, which is costly. They may opt to pursue a compensation claim that helps to offset the expenses of the wreck, provided that others caused their harm. Michigan law limits the time victims have to get a claim filed, so swift action is critical in these cases.