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Complications Brought On By Severe Burn Injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2022 | Personal Injury

For you, the collision was unavoidable because a reckless SUV driver blew through a stop sign and his vehicle plowed into your car. The fiery aftermath left you with permanent injuries and permanent scarring from the severe burns and a lifetime of adjustments to pain, and ongoing physical and mental health therapy.

Severe burns from a motor vehicle accident will lead to a series of hospital visits and surgeries and possibly even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Prevailing over such injuries may seem impossible, but you have no other choice than to persevere and continue with your life as best as you can.

Respiratory to psychological ailments

Specialized treatment is likely in order for a person who sustained second- and third-degree burns over most of their body. That treatment may include cosmetic reconstruction surgery and skin grafts. But, sadly, there will be many more developments medically and mentally.

Along with the specialized surgeries, other health challenges faced by severe burn victims may include:

  • Respiratory damage: Smoke inhalation may cause permanent damage to the lungs.
  • Shock: Burn victims may experience shock within the first day of the injuries. As a result of the low blood pressure and lower amounts of oxygenated blood, shock may set in, leading to damage to the internal organs and tissues.
  • Burns to the eyes: The cornea – the transparent part of the eye that covers and protects the iris – may sustain severe damage leading to blurred vision, additional infections, scarring and blindness.
  • Sepsis and other infections: The presence of bacteria may trigger sepsis – the human body’s toxic response to such an infection. As a result, organ failure and death are possible.
  • Psychological ailments: Depression, anxiety and PTSD may confront severe burn victims. Professional treatment from licensed therapists may help.

Any of these ailments may prove overwhelming. Severe burn victims face uphill battles.

Persevere as best you can

A victim of a motor vehicle accident faces any number of severe injuries, including severe burns. The physical, mental and financial tolls will be present. But you must persevere, courageously face the situation and hold accountable the reckless driver who caused this situation.